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· Kleudge was founded in 1991 and has, since 1994, developed more than 200 websites.
It is the first company in Lebanon to develop database driven websites (1996)
and probably the first one to create full-fledged Facebook applications
than can extract email addresses, post on walls, interact with databases, etc. (2011) ·

· Since its founding, Kleudge has been continuously evolving and even preceding the market’s evolution.
Kleudge has been offering development and consulting (since 2000) and SEO (since 2000)
and has currently expanded its activities to social media (since 2009)
and content creation and management (2010)·

· Kleudge is currently specialized company in E-communication and E-business consulting.
Its services include online comunication strategies, content creation,
social media marketing, search engine optimization,
online strategies support, follow-up, evaluation and analysis, etc·

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