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Consulting Services: Payments are made 15 days after receiving the invoice for services rendered, allowing enought time for the customer to evaluate the quality of services rendered in concordance to the agreement signed between with Kleudge. If not satisfied, the last invoice sent will be cancelled by Kleudge and no payment will be made for this last invoice.

Website / Facebook / Custom application development: If the consumer wants to cancel any project, the request should be given in writing to Kleudge with an authorized signature. If for any reason, project is cancelled before completion, Kleudge will send an invoice for all payments made exceeding 60% of the total value of project. In other terms, the total refunded value will never exceed 40% of the total value of the project.

Software: A full version of the software can be tested for a full month. The trial version is only limited by the number of records allowed to be added (not less than 50 records in each table). No refunds are made after testing and buying our software products.

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